Mummys Gold


Modern day free video slots are still similar to the earlier mechanical ones. The object of the game still remains to make the machine give you money. However, unlike the old slot machines, the new look free video machines do not run actual reels.

Instead they spin the reels in a small micro-processor chip or a number of them. The video screen however is made to show images and produce sounds that make it look like there are real reels running in the machine.

The sounds resemble the spinning of reels so much that one will be forgiven to assume that it is the old mechanical machine at work. And as with any uptake of technology, there is no casino in the house that has not done away with the old and taken in the new.

Wile the new machines have learnt the old tricks, the gamer’s situation is made worse by the cool animations that make him think he is seeing the inside of the spinning reels.

As the game comes to an end, the player might be lucky to match the winning combination of symbols. The free video slots machine immediately spits forth cash due to the player.

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